Are Men Underappreciated?

Marriage counselor Gary Neuman has a theory on why men cheat. When I saw this, I thought it was very interesting. Right in the very beginning it says that 1 out every 2.7 men will cheat. That is a crazy statistic. It’s a long article but men and women should read the whole thing.

Ladies, please don’t track your man down with a GPS location device like the FBI. It’s not cool. LOL

Let me know what yall think.

Link Below:


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  1. ~E~ on

    This article is CRAZY!!!! So interesting to actually find out why men cheat… No matter what the reason may be, we ladies just have to find a way to make them feel appreciated and content (not only through sex). 🙂

  2. I'm in the Fast Lane Snorting Candied Yams on

    egregious. “Underappreciated”??? I have to admit, its an interesting lie. But men cheat because they hate women, and it seems Gary’s been spending his entire career excusing them for it. yikes…

  3. ramy on

    the only thing egregious here is your gross over-generalization that “they [men] hate women”. Just because all the men you’ve been with hated you, doesn’t mean all men of the world hate all women. As long as you don’t look beyond your own superficial judgment, you’ll never see the problem for what it is.

  4. I'm in The Fast Lane Snorting Candied Yams on

    I’ll pretend for a moment that you writing this response five months later doesn’t make you completely irrelevant. And generalizations seem to be the order of the day,Ramy. All the men I’ve been with hated me? Please. And what the hell is the significance of an “OVER-generalization”? Empty rhetoric rears it’s ugly head. So regular generalizations are ok with you? Like for instance the ones you made when (1) you assumed that I’ve been with any men at all, and (2) that I think the dynamic that I’ve observed is a problem to begin with.You’re irrational. You must be a man. (I threw that last one in for fun ). I hope the irony’s not lost on you, though some how I imagine it will be…

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