Up-and-Coming Clothing Designers

This is for all yall who love having exclusive clothes that nobody else has.

The designs are pretty dope and i heard online availability will be coming soon…

Check out the website, Link is below…



3 comments so far

  1. Ivan on

    wattup, yea Malcom that’s wassup, i like the blog post idea……..n yea wats up to anyone reading this, i’m starting FMF with a few peoples i know, and we just trying to get things going, i have styles available but since these are our first batch and we just getting this started i only have a M, L, and XL, one size of each, but we’ll be restocking soon and we comin out with hotter Sh*t just to keep the streets buzzin’, hit me up through tmail @ Fuentes42@tmail.com or just get at me through email blueflame505@hotmail.com

    shout outs to my boy Malcom for puttin me up on his blog, that’s love…..

  2. Febreeze the situation '08 on

    I thought you were joking about the title. Welcome to the blog world.

  3. Febreeze the situation '08 on

    Well is my comment going to post?

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