New Single: 50 Cent – Get Up

This is 50’s first official single off of his fourth and “final” album, Before I Self Destruct. It’s not his biggest track but has clug banger potential. Track is produced by Scott Storch who also produced 50’s track Jus a lil’ bit.

Link below:

Before I Self Destruct in stores December 9th!

Download or Listen below:


3 comments so far

  1. Your #1 Fan on

    Slim Shady needs to change that hair!

  2. Ivan on

    get up sounds pretty wack to me, i guess 50 happy with all the fame, wealth, and exposure he’s earned over the years……shit sounds like something Bow Wow would come up with……..Lloyd Banks CD sounds like it’s gonna be much betta than 50’s

  3. Can't knock the hustle on

    Don’t have much respect for this single. J.Cole was first to drop a single called “Get up.” Those dudes should double check with my boy google to make sure the title wasn’t taken. (DUH!)

    Remember that wonderful night in BK when we were all playing your favorite drinking game?


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