Video: Chris Brown on Ellen

Vodpod videos no longer available.

 Ladies, Don’t say I never did anything for yall.

I can’t even front, the dude is talented. Having Rihanna on your arm don’t hurt either. lol


5 comments so far

  1. Dane on

    Hey Malcolm, this blog is great! Put up some poets now and again, will ya? Did you ever check out Aya de Leon?

  2. Febreeze the Situation on

    hahaaha. Malcolm = The Black Doug of tommorow. We ALL KNOW you own one of those journals Doug used to have on the show.

  3. Febreeze the Situation on

    Malcolm = Black Doug of America

  4. I'm in the Fast Lane Snorting Candied Yams on

    Thanks for this one. He’s def a prodigy, not so much unlike someone else I know… lol
    And Rihanna has yet to learn from his brilliance cuz she can not dance… at all. And the vogueing reference?!!!! I love him.

  5. ~E~ on

    Awww man… There is pretty much nothin else to say other than he is…. perfection! Thanks for posting this one… And Rhianna… No comment! I love Chris Brown!!!! 🙂

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