Jail time or Stupid Sign???

Shane McQuillan must be the luckiest man ever. He caused damage to a waste water treatment plant in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. On Wednesday, a judge gave him the option to either do some time in jail or wear a sign for one day that said “I was Stupid” outside of the plant. They didn’t say how serious the crime was but i think i’ll take the sign option 10 times out of 10.

What if they gave some celebrities this option?

What if they had given R. Kelly the option to go to jail or wear a sign for a day that said “I didn’t mean to hit the record button”? What if they made Kobe wear a sign that said “I still love white girls”? What if they made Michael Jackson wear a sign that said “They touched me first.”? What if they made OJ….nevermind, OJ is innocent. lol

Full story Below:


Would you wear the sign or do the time?

Courtesy of MSNBC


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