Sports: Chris Paul projected #1?? projects Chris Paul to be #1 this season in PER. PER stands for Player Efficiency Rating. I was a little salty that he didn’t win MVP last season but Kobe did deserve it. But this year Chris Paul has it in the bag

Full story below:

John Hollinger describes how he calculated the PER:

“For each player, I use as a comparison the players from the past 20 years who are the most similar, based on age, height and stats over the past three seasons. Some players will have more comparables than others, depending on how unusual they are — guys with freak heights (Yao Ming, Nate Robinson), freak ages (Dikembe Mutombo) or freak stats (Andrei Kirilenko) will have relatively few, while a more generic player like Al Harrington or Devin Brown could have over a hundred.”

Link to full article:


4 comments so far

  1. Charles on

    mos def not in the bag just ask lebron lol

  2. Danger on

    CP3 is my dude…

    Easily the best PG in the game today…Lebron is nice but if youre going to base it on PER…CP is better the Bron…

  3. Mandy '87 on

    He’s projected to be # 1 in my life. Been jockin him since the draft in ’05.

    December 12th couldn’t come any sooner…..

  4. Mandy '87 on

    i was hoping to see Brian Scalabrine in the top 10 somewhere…

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