Video: Obama is an Arab!

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LOL. McCain was at a rally last night and was talking about Obama in a positive light. I assume he’s just taking a break from all the slander and bashing campaigns. Anyway, some people in the crowd have an opportunity to speak and the lady says she can’t trust Obama because he’s an Arab. LOL. McCain gave her the craziest look and basically snatched the mic back. LOL

more about “Obama is an Arab!“, posted with vodpod

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  1. Nook on

    He “snatched” the mic back? He retrieved it so he could explain the erroneous Arab remark.

    I just wish McCain would get loud and mad-sounding at the opposition. Name those names. That is what will do it!

  2. Dane on

    Well, it’s interesting, what McCain did. He said “No, no, ma’am, he’s not; he’s a good, family man.” He did NOT say, “No, no, ma’am, he’s not Arab, he’s American.”

    I think his statement implies that “Arab” is the opposite of “good, family man.” That’s disturbing to me.

  3. Danger on

    Barack is…

    “Gettin Arab Money”

    ::starts dancing like Busta::

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