Health: The Man Boob and how to prevent it

First of all, I wanna apologize to Jack Nicholson for putting him on blast like this but it is what it is. LOL. Now back to business. It seems like more and more men are starting to develop these man boobs. Whether it’s a lack of exercising and too much eating or an actual deficiency of testosterone, things can be done to resolve this problem. So if you’re reading this Jack, I got you. provides strategies for battling the man boob and getting in shape.

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  1. sean coonery on

    are you black you type like a nigger

  2. Jon on

    I should hope that the above comment gets promptly deleted and the IP of the commenter gets banned from this site.

  3. Annie on

    I heard man boobs are something they get from smoking pot. Seriously…And that first comment is ignorant.

  4. Mary on

    Wow, the first comment needs to be deleted right away because that is really ignorant of him/her i mean that is really ignorant of the transvestite.

  5. P-E on

    Pff, it is not important! Who took the photo? Jack can’t eat alone, without some paparazzis. It’s stupid.

  6. KKK-Buster on

    First of all, Sean Connery and not Sean Coonery, you gay.
    And second, you are …have you been abused by an black guy or why are you writing shit like this?
    The world belongs to all of us, götverenin oglu…
    Theres no place for racism.

  7. KKK-Buster on

  8. KKK-Buster on

    Hey Jack,
    nice tits…lol

  9. jay on

    jack is in his 70’s. and he gets more pussy than the guys who fuck your mothers. lay off.

  10. Skeet on

    Fuck niggers

  11. […] (Ward again, hilariously) who owns the very successful used car dealership across the street, plus: boobs—is just a means to an end here, a foundation for steadily stacking hijinks upon hijinks (upon the […]

  12. anto on

    che ciccione figa…

  13. hhh on

    Man, yall folks are the ignorant ones, can you not even entertain the possibility that he could be a nigger? Pretty close minded if you ask me. It’s just this blindness and stupidity that’s stagnated this country from progress for the last 40 years. Well I would like to say thankyou thankyou sooo much.

  14. Big Pappie on

    Skeet and Sean Coonery, you racist son of ****. Oh yea, 40 year olds with a 2nd grade education. Pure trash, never voted, and F* each other between your white sheets. Oh yea, I am not Black either, but a very educated individual that can find you, hunt you, and smoke you. Live behind the computer, your mask, yet displaying the lack of your authenticity. America will prevail with or without fags like you.

    Soyez heureux que je suis devenu un bon garçon. Peut-être nous “ll rencontrer un jour

  15. Big Pappie on

    Definition of “Skeet” – Clay Pigeon or Sperm Placed Into One’s Mouth

    Definition of Sean “Coonery” – Ignorance. Immorality. Indolence. Deceit. Salaciousness.

    Wow, you both talk about people of color, but have some F* up screen names. You both are F* trash and brainless basters!

    Trash est tout ce que vous êtes et serez toujours. Je me souhaite et mon compadre pourrait vous rencontrer aujourd’hui. Vas te faire encule tous les deux!

  16. Alistair Mckenzie on

    bloody funnnnnnnnnnny

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