Movie Trailer: “Seven Pounds”

“Seven Pounds” is the new movie from Will Smith and is set to release December 19th, 2008. Check out the synopsis below:

Ben (Will Smith) is an IRS agent who is depressed and guilt-ridden about mistakes from his past. He sets out to make amends by helping seven strangers. When he meets Emily (Rosario Dawson), a beautiful woman with a heart condition, he falls in love with her, thereby complicating his plans. Woody Harrelson also appears as a blind pianist who befriends Ben.

WATCH trailer below:

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  1. Oscar Worthy Topic on

    I think I guessed the movies theme. If you don’t want to know (spoiler alert) please log off, of course I could be wrong. It appears Will Smith character is so guilt ridden that he commits the ultimate sacrifice with a twist. Though he does not want to live anymore, he wants to leave a lasting good deed to overcome the tragedy he caused. (Possibly killing a innocent person in a auto accident) so he plans to donate 7 body organs to strangers he deems worthy, including his heart (which weighs of course … 7 lbs) to a woman he eventually falls in love with.
    Seven pounds of flesh to make up for a fatal tragedy, much drama and emotional content that I am confident Will’s acting ability will shine through and not only earn him a nomination, but probably get him the golden statue finally. Good luck Will, you truly are one one our great actors and most humble people we can see on the screen.

    P.S. Much love to your wife Jada, who we saw at the recent Los Angeles area brush fires area helping victims and firefighters with no entourage, no publicist… Will, your whole family has nothing but class! LA Firefighter

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