Spike Lee Speaks on Hip-Hop and the Election

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Spike Lee talked about Hip Hop’s effect on the election and the possibility of “The Bradley effect”.”The Bradley Effect refers to the discrepancy between voter opinion polls and election results. It was named after Tom Bradley, an African-American gubernatorial candidate, who was leading significantly in the polls leading up to the election and lost the election to a Caucasian opponent.

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Spike Lee said this:

“I don’t go with this Bradley Effect,” Lee tells MSNBC‘s Joe Scarborough. “That was what, 1984? That’s last century. America’s made a seismic shift as far as race goes. These young white kids who grew up listening to Hip Hop don’t have the same views that their parents and grandparents had. I think these polls aren’t reaching these young white kids. There aren’t enough African Americans in this country to get Obama elected. He took the Iowa caucus! There’s two black people in Iowa…maybe three.”

I believe that Spike is speaking the truth. It was a different time period back then. Hip-Hop helped bridge a few gaps by creating its own culture and allowing anybody to be a part of it. Music tends to have that power to amass people who normally wouldn’t interact with each other for various reasons.

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  1. mauricemcleod on

    Some time ago I interviewed the legendary KRS1.
    He was talking about how important hip hop culture was and that eventually there would be a hip hop president.
    At the time I didn’t know what he meant. Now I get it.

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