Lupe talks about “Lup E.N.D.”

At a recent concert over the weekend, Lupe announced details about his upcoming album Lup E.N.D. Lupe said the album will be a three-disc set with E, N, and D all being different albums. He said this about the albums…

Let’s see, E, we’ll call that one Everywhere. N, we’ll call that one Nowhere. And the last one D, we’ll call that Down Here. So, LupEND is actually a triple CD.

READ full story below:

Hopefully this album is going to be as good as the last two. I’m not sure if he will use a new concept or theme for this album or continue using the ones from The Cool. Either way, i’m sure the album will be great.

– Malc


Hip Hop DX


2 comments so far

  1. Mrs. Jaco on

    Of course this album will be as good as the last two – I’m still his muse.

  2. FiasWife on

    Of course my baby’s gonna keep killin’ all these other fools out here.

    Them triggas wastin they time at recess while my boo inside solvin’ equations.


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