Barack Obama is the next President of the United States!


Words couldn’t explain how I feel right now. But good, great, superb, and relieved all come to mind. Since I can’t really explain, I’ll say this: It’s About Time.

We got your back Barack. Now it’s time to put “My President Is Black” and “Black President” on repeat.


– Malc


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  1. Robert M. Sharman on

    Absolutely the worst President in the History of The United States of America; worse than Carter and LBJ, yes, LBJ. Indeed, that scoundrel is the one who said” I will have those f—–ng n—-rs voting Democratic for the next 200 years”. He just might well succeed in that. What a farce. I am not black, and I am indeed enraged that a fellow Texan could behave with such a level of racism I have never before experienced in my life, nor since.
    How he and the rest of the Democratic Party were able to influence the Black population into believing in them is beyond me. This hatred of Blacks
    goes all the way back before the Civil War when there were 7 or 8 Blacks elected to the US Senate, and of which political Party were they? Republican, of course. Democrats were all against them, period. They did not even recognize Blacks as people, only slaves. This information was never in any History Books that the schools had me read back in the 1960’s. Very disgusting to say the least by the Democratic Party, then and now, because they know what their history has been, but they want it kept quiet, but I want “TRUTH” be told, no matter who it helps or hurts.

    Robert Sharman
    Houston, TX

  2. Tolentino Llanto on

    your amazing sir

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