Hate Crimes at Quinnipiac


Three Quinnipiac University students were arrested and kicked out of school last Wednesday after being accused of committing hate crimes. Charles Merrit, an 18 year-old Caucasian freshman, is being charged with 3 counts of intimidation based on bigotry and bias, harassment in the first degree, disorderly conduct. He bail is set at $100,000.

Officials say he is responsible for hate crimes against three African-American basketball players at Quinnipiac. He allegedly wrote the “N’ word outside of their dorm rooms and made threatening phone calls to them. Merrit was a roommate to two of the basketball players.

The other two students accused of hate crimes were Emily Loschiavo and Courtney Stellwag whom are also Caucasian. They allegedly made a harassing phone call to an African-American RA in a Quinnipiac dorm.

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This hits close to home because I have a friend that goes to Quinnipiac. This foolishness needs to stop and people need to grow up. In the mean time, be careful and stay aware when you’re on campus.

– Malc

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