Stuff White People Like: Black Music Black People Don’t Listen To Anymore

de_la_soul_11 has updated with another thing that white people like: Black music that black people don’t listen to anymore.  Here is an excerpt:

“If you are good at concealing laughter and contempt, you should ask a white person about “Real Hip Hop.”  They will quickly tell you about how they don’t listen to “Commercial Hip Hop” (aka music that black people actually enjoy), and that they much prefer “Classic Hip Hop.”

“I don’t listen to that commercial stuff. I’m more into the Real Hip Hop, you know?  KRS One, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, De La Soul, Wu Tang, you know, The Old School.”

Calling this style of music ‘old school’ is considered an especially apt name since the majority of people who listen to it did so while attending old schools such as Dartmouth, Bard, and Williams College.”

Read the full article here:



– Malc


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  1. Dan on

    Saying that the majority of people who listened to old school rap were prestigious university students is an asinine statement.

    Why would you quote such drivel, “Malc”? The website you quoted is garbage, start with better source material.

    Seems like anyone with an internet connection and free time finds the need to start a blog and look up pointless bullshit to blather about.

    Stumbled upon your site today, Malc, and just gotta say your shit is all retarded.

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