“No Homo is the gayest phrase ever created”


Add-2 from HIP Hop DX talks about the influence of hip hop culture and the effect certain phrases and trends have on society and pop culture.

Add-2 on the phrase “No Homo”:

The phrase is of course “No Homo” (and all its variations).  This is a phrase I never used and hoped would have been dead and gone a long time ago, its something I thought was the most suspect phrase for a man to say anyway. The reason I say that is because according to people who use it, its basically a way to say “I just said some real gay shit but this covers it up so that you know I’m not gay”. But having to say that just to justify your lack of homosexual intentions shows that you might have some homosexual thoughts since obviously the first thing you thought of was how suspect you sound after you said whatever you said.

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  1. WTF on


    its basically a way to say “I just said something which resembles/could be interpreted as some real gay shit and this is to reassure you I’m no homosexual.”

    Obviously niggas know there isn’t much need to say no homo for a sentence such as “just a second, i’m coming; no homo”, usually it’s meant as a joke in itself, or to emphasise your dislike of faggots. It aint meant to ‘cover up’ shit, you clown.


  2. Oswald Yorkenshire on

    Ay so like the other day I went to my hommies hows and we were like playing star wars and ish. And he was like ” awh man I forgot my light saber, so did you but you still wanna play?” And I was like yea. So We decided to use our own personal sticks. At the time he also had some stuff on his lips but my hands were tied up getting my stick ready. So I was just being a friend you know and I got it off for him.. with my lips.. then my tounge slipped and touched his for like 5 seconds.. which made our sticks hard. Finally we proceeded at playing starwars with our Penis. No homo.
    Thats not gay right? I mean I called it…

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