The Rise of White Supremacy and How it relates to Barack Obama [Video]

Vodpod videos no longer available.

America News Project infiltrated the Euro conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The video shows street interviews, conference footage, and file photos.

After various plots to kill Barack Obama and his historic election, white supremacists have either grown in numbers or their opinions are becoming more widely expressed. This is only the beginning to the resurgence of white supremacy movements and Obama isn’t even the president yet. I don’t believe that a race war will start anytime soon unless there is a heinous crime committed. I do agree with the woman in the video that there will probably be isolated incidents of prejudice driven violence but that the threat of a large and unified white supremacist movement is minimal. This is a historic time for our young country and it will be interesting to see how America responds.

– Malc


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  1. Dane on

    I wonder, does Oscar Grant count as a heinous crime? Enough to start a race war, whatever that looks like? Is it already happening, in Oakland?

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