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Health: The Man Boob and how to prevent it

First of all, I wanna apologize to Jack Nicholson for putting him on blast like this but it is what it is. LOL. Now back to business. It seems like more and more men are starting to develop these man boobs. Whether it’s a lack of exercising and too much eating or an actual deficiency of testosterone, things can be done to resolve this problem. So if you’re reading this Jack, I got you. provides strategies for battling the man boob and getting in shape.

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Exercise Your Mind! details some effective exercises to help improve memory, attention, visual-spatial orientation, language, executive functions.

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Can you be healthy and heavy?

Scientists and doctors can’t seem to agree if being skinny is healthier because there are so many other factors involved in disease prevention. I believe it just comes down to making good life choices and exercising. But it’s also easier said than done.

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