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The Rise of White Supremacy and How it relates to Barack Obama [Video]

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America News Project infiltrated the Euro conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The video shows street interviews, conference footage, and file photos.

After various plots to kill Barack Obama and his historic election, white supremacists have either grown in numbers or their opinions are becoming more widely expressed. This is only the beginning to the resurgence of white supremacy movements and Obama isn’t even the president yet. I don’t believe that a race war will start anytime soon unless there is a heinous crime committed. I do agree with the woman in the video that there will probably be isolated incidents of prejudice driven violence but that the threat of a large and unified white supremacist movement is minimal. This is a historic time for our young country and it will be interesting to see how America responds.

– Malc


$2,075 for an Obama doodle?!?


A man paid $2,075 for a doodle that Obama drew during his campaign. A doodle that Palin did during her campaign was also found. A graphologist said that Obama’s doodle shows that he is economical and organized. Palin’s doodle (pictured in the video below) descirbed her as being smart but being “all over the place.” Watch the video below for the full story.

WATCH video here:

CNN Video


– Malc

Chocolate News: Who Made Obama Win [VIDEO]

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Barack Obama is the next President of the United States!


Words couldn’t explain how I feel right now. But good, great, superb, and relieved all come to mind. Since I can’t really explain, I’ll say this: It’s About Time.

We got your back Barack. Now it’s time to put “My President Is Black” and “Black President” on repeat.


– Malc

Today is the Day!! Obama 08′


Today is the day people. Make sure you go out and vote. Whether you vote for my boy pictured above or The Maverick and the Milf, make sure your voice is heard. I’ll be in front of the tv all night flipping back and forth between the poll results and The Celtics-Rockets game.

Go Barack!! and T-MAC!! lol

Spike Lee Speaks on Hip-Hop and the Election

In a recent interview with MSNBC, Spike Lee talked about Hip Hop’s effect on the election and the possibility of “The Bradley effect”.”The Bradley Effect refers to the discrepancy between voter opinion polls and election results. It was named after Tom Bradley, an African-American gubernatorial candidate, who was leading significantly in the polls leading up to the election and lost the election to a Caucasian opponent.

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9 Reasons to vote for John McCain…Kind of

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Here are the top 9 reasons why YOU should vote for John McCain according to some McCain supporters in the south.

9. McCain’s middle name isn’t Hussein.

8. He doesn’t kill babies

7. McCain isn’t a fascist

6. He’s not a liar and a thief

5. He doesn’t believe in socialism

4. McCain isn’t a muslim

3. He’s not going to be shot down

2. McCain’s the bomb

1. You don’t even have to ask



Politics: Obama has a slim lead. Can he hold on?

According to CNN, Barack Obama holds leads in several battleground states and traditionally republican states. McCain is gaining ground and closing the gaps with 8 days left until the election. The election is close people. This could possibly be the biggest election in the history of America and/or the world. Go out and VOTE.

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Video: Barack Obama vs. John McCain DANCE BATTLE

I thought the Terry Tate vs. Sarah Palin video was going to be the funniest election video but it seems the folks at Mini Movie have another idea. They made a video showing what would have happened if Barack Obama and John McCain faced off in an  internet dance battle. This is pure comedy. Check it out. There is also a guest appearance by Sarah Palin. LOL.

WATCH video below:

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Video: Obama Clowns John McCain at Dinner

Below is footage from the Benefit dinner where Obama and McCain were clowning each other. It was requested so here it is. Props to AYO!

WATCH video below:

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