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Photographer Suing Chris Brown and Rihanna Tells his side of the story.

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The Rise of White Supremacy and How it relates to Barack Obama [Video]

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America News Project infiltrated the Euro conference in Memphis, Tennessee. The video shows street interviews, conference footage, and file photos.

After various plots to kill Barack Obama and his historic election, white supremacists have either grown in numbers or their opinions are becoming more widely expressed. This is only the beginning to the resurgence of white supremacy movements and Obama isn’t even the president yet. I don’t believe that a race war will start anytime soon unless there is a heinous crime committed. I do agree with the woman in the video that there will probably be isolated incidents of prejudice driven violence but that the threat of a large and unified white supremacist movement is minimal. This is a historic time for our young country and it will be interesting to see how America responds.

– Malc

Photographer is Suing Rihanna and Chris Brown for $1 Million


According to Hip Hop DX, a photographer claims to have been chased by bodyguards, thrown to the ground, and have his camera broken because he took a picture of Rihanna and Chris Brown together. The $1 million he is suing for will cover the $3,000 camera, the photos he lost, injuries, and emotional distress. lol.

I can see him getting the $3,000 for the broken camera but I don’t know about the other $997,000. That’s Ridiculous. Emotional distress? Yea….ok

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Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes) and Estelle interview on DJ Skee TV

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Kanye West Press Conference In New Zealand

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Kanye talks about 808s and Heartbreak, his mom, religion, and hip hop music. It’s a long interview but if you like Kanye, you should watch it.

“No Homo is the gayest phrase ever created”


Add-2 from HIP Hop DX talks about the influence of hip hop culture and the effect certain phrases and trends have on society and pop culture.

Add-2 on the phrase “No Homo”:

The phrase is of course “No Homo” (and all its variations).  This is a phrase I never used and hoped would have been dead and gone a long time ago, its something I thought was the most suspect phrase for a man to say anyway. The reason I say that is because according to people who use it, its basically a way to say “I just said some real gay shit but this covers it up so that you know I’m not gay”. But having to say that just to justify your lack of homosexual intentions shows that you might have some homosexual thoughts since obviously the first thing you thought of was how suspect you sound after you said whatever you said.

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How to Humble Kanye West

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Stephen Colbert is wilding for this one. lol. smh…

Lebron James vs. Charles Barkley

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Footage from ESPN where Charles Barkley exprsses his disgust and disappointment for Lebron’s comments about where he’ll go when he is a free agent at the end of the 2010 season. Lebron also responds to Charles Barkley’s comments.

Stuff White People Like: Black Music Black People Don’t Listen To Anymore

de_la_soul_11 has updated with another thing that white people like: Black music that black people don’t listen to anymore.  Here is an excerpt:

“If you are good at concealing laughter and contempt, you should ask a white person about “Real Hip Hop.”  They will quickly tell you about how they don’t listen to “Commercial Hip Hop” (aka music that black people actually enjoy), and that they much prefer “Classic Hip Hop.”

“I don’t listen to that commercial stuff. I’m more into the Real Hip Hop, you know?  KRS One, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, De La Soul, Wu Tang, you know, The Old School.”

Calling this style of music ‘old school’ is considered an especially apt name since the majority of people who listen to it did so while attending old schools such as Dartmouth, Bard, and Williams College.”

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Joe Budden – The Future (ft. The Game) [SNIPPET]


Preview Joe Budden’s new track featuring The Game called “The Future.” Joe Budden has been coming out with some good music lately. Joey hasn’t disappointed me in a while and i know “Padded Room” will be on point. “Padded Room” drops February 24th, 2009. Listen to snippet below:

Joe Budden – The Future (Snippet)


– Malc